Past editions

February 2024

Dose Coffee, Nordik, Za & Klo, Agro Roasters, Pallet Coffee Roasters

January 2024

Discovery Coffee, Hatch Coffee, Nucleus Torréfacteurs, Seth Taylor, Ambros Coffee

December 2023

Pirates of Coffee, Café 8oz.-Torréfacteur, Roasti, Fitch Bay Café

November 2023

Pop Coffee Works, CANAL, Chance Coffee, Newland Torréfacteur

October 2023

Rosso Coffee Roasters, JUNGLE, Escape Coffee Company

September 2023

Flatland Coffee Roasters, Narval Café Lab, Binocle

August 2023

94 Celcius, Hale Coffee, Colorès, Balance Torrefacteur

July 2023

Fernwood Coffee, Tambour Café, The Artery, Kittel

June 2023

Discovery Coffee, Ambros Coffee, Firebat Coffee Roasters

May 2023

Pirates of Coffee, Escape Coffee Company, Locomotive, The Angry Roaster

April 2023

JAVA ROASTERS, Alternate Route Coffee, Wiltor

March 2023

Pop Coffee Works, Melk, KOHI Micro-torréfacteur

February 2023

CANAL, Hale Coffee, Quietly Coffee, Lenoir & Lacroix

January 2023

Stereo Coffee Roasters, Rosso Coffee Roasters, Smith Café, Seth Taylor

December 2022

Harrisons Coffee Co, 94 Celcius, Detour Coffee Roasters, Narval Café Lab

November 2022

Hubert Saint-Jean, Café 8oz.-Torréfacteur, Discovery Coffee, Ambros Coffee

October 2022

Escape Coffee Company, Pirates of Coffee, Dispatch, Balance Torrefacteur

September 2022

Roasti, Nordik, JAVA ROASTERS, Kittel

August 2022

Moving Coffee, JUNGLE, Melk, 94 Celcius

July 2022

Rosso Coffee Roasters, Za & Klo, Union Microlot, Escape Coffee Company

June 2022

Pop Coffee Works, Ambros Coffee, Yamabiko Coffee Roasters, Brulerie Emma

May 2022

Fawkes Coffee, Kittel, Géogène Micro-torréfacteur, Le Brûloir

April 2022

Traffic, Hale Coffee, 94 Celcius

March 2022

JAVA ROASTERS, Café 8oz.-Torréfacteur, KOHI Micro-torréfacteur, Pista

February 2022

Saint-Henri, Balance Torrefacteur, Pirates of Coffee

January 2022

Lanterne, Union Microlot, Deluis

December 2021

Le Brûloir, Melk, Ambros Coffee

November 2021

Sorellina Coffee , 94 Celcius, Wiltor

October 2021

The Library Specialty Coffee, Kittel, JUNGLE

September 2021

Saint-Henri, Za & Klo, Brown Bag

August 2021

Back Road Coffee Roasters, Ambros Coffee, Dispatch

July 2021

Pop Coffee Works, Lanterne, Binocle

June 2021

Traffic, Roasti, Hubert Saint-Jean

May 2021

KOHI Micro-torréfacteur, The Angry Roaster, Deluis

April 2021

Kittel, Quietly Coffee, Café 8oz.-Torréfacteur

March 2021

Tunnel, Silex Micro-Torréfacteurs, Hale Coffee

February 2021

Balance Torrefacteur, 94 Celcius, Pirates of Coffee

January 2021

Pista, Traffic, Saint-Henri, Monkland

December 2020

Seth Taylor, Kujira, Nordik

November 2020

JAVA ROASTERS, Le Brûloir, Yamabiko Coffee Roasters