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Cerrado Mineiro is a large and predominantly flat region in the state of Minas Gerais in southeastern Brazil. According to The Cerrado Coffee Growers Federation (CCGF), this region accounts for 12.7% of Brazil’s annual production.

This region is also the first in Brazil to receive a protected designation of origin status, meaning coffee labeled "Cerrado" has to actually come from Cerrado. The designation of origin is one of the many steps towards increased traceability in the region. However, the status isn’t just about traceability, it’s also about the quality and diversity of flavours. According to the CCGF, the designation of origin is a demarcated territory that produces a coffee with unique characteristics that cannot be found anywhere else.

This coffee is sourced from Danilo Barbosa and his farm Fazenda Cachoeira in Cerrado Mineiro. For the Barbosas, coffee has been a family affair for a long time. Already in the twentieth century, Elias Barbosa, great-grandfather of Danilo Barbosa, was growing coffee. Today, Danilo, his sons, Victor Marcelo and Sergio Ricardo, his wife and daughter-in-law all work together.

The resulting cup reminds us of strawberry, passion fruit and brown sugar.

Roasted by

Café 8oz.-Torréfacteur
From Montreal

Coffee details

Cerrado Mineiro
yellow catuai
1100 m
Fazenda Cachoeira
Danilo Barbosa
anaerobic natural

Tastes like

passion fruit
brown sugar


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