Adalberto Zanon

Single origin
Cerrado Mineiro is the first in Brazil to receive a protected designation of origin status, meaning coffee labeled "Cerrado" has to actually come from Cerrado. The designation of origin is one of the many steps towards increased traceability in the region. However, the status isn’t just about traceability, it’s also about the quality and diversity of flavours. According to the CCGF, the designation of origin is a demarcated territory that produces a coffee with unique characteristics that cannot be found anywhere else.

This coffee is sourced from Adalberto Zanon Dos Santos and his farm Santo Antônio in Cerrado Mineiro. Adalberto’s father began cultivating coffee in the mid-1960’s on leased land between the municipalities of São Joaquim da Barra and São Jose da Bela Vista in the Alta Mogiana region. He maintained the farm until he was 80 years old, finally retiring from coffee production and growing only food crops from then on. The family moved to Cerrado Mineiro where the children took over the family business of growing food in 2002.

Finally, in 2008, Adalberto began growing coffee on his own farm, Santo Antônio – Santa Rita and Santa Luzia, in the city of Patrocínio, Minas Gerais. The farm is 25 hectares, all planted with Catuai and Mundo Novo trees.


From Montréal

Coffee details

Cerrado Mineiro
yellow catuai
950 m
Santo Antônio
Adalberto Zanon dos Santos

Tastes like

tropical fruits