coffee lovers


2 ratings

Cinéma Moderne

Coffee shop in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, Montreal


coffee lovers


2 ratings
5150 boul. St-Laurent, Montreal
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Open today: 8:00 - 17:00
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What people are saying

Louis Ventrillon
4 months ago
Had a double espresso over ice. Was an enjoyable light roasted blend, full of floral notes.
Sylvie N'Tsuk Duval
6 months ago
Excellent CAFÉ. Les croissants sont très bons et j'adore les biscuits à l'avoine. Et quand on déguste le tout en visionnant un bon film c'est tout simplement génial ! J'adore l'endroit ! 🤩
7 months ago
Very good coffee and food but slow, forgetful service and can be an absolute nightmare for working and having a conversation because everything is too loud(especially the music) the layout doesn't make sense and everyone is on each other's space. More of a bar than a cafe that is for certain.
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