Ground coffee
18 g
Water temperature
94 °C
Grind size
Brew time
30 secs
Amount of water
45 mL



What you’ll need: Espresso Machine, Portafilter, Tamper, Dry Cloth, Cup, Digital Scale, Timer Preparation ⇒ Make sure your machine has been turned on for at least 10 minutes ↳ This makes sure that all components are hot and ready to extract a great cup of coffee ⇒ Place the previously cleaned and dried portafilter on the scale and set it to 0 (tare the scale) ↳ If this is your second shot, make sure to remove any coffee residue and oils from the portafilter ⇒ Weigh and grind 18g of coffee ↳ The grind for espresso is very fine but it is still granular, if your grind has the consistency of powdered sugar is it likely too fine. ⇒ Evenly distribute the ground coffee inside the portafilter ↳ The goal is to create a nice levelled surface so that the water can pass through the coffee evenly. ⇒ Place the portafilter on a flat surface and tamp the coffee, pressing firmly down so that the weight is evenly distributed over the coffee ↳ You don't need to tamp too hard, just enough to seal the coffee ⇒ Before inserting the portafilter into the grouphead, purge a few seconds worth of water Extraction Make sure to gently insert the portafilter so as not to create cracks in the puck ↳ A crack will influence the uniformity of the extraction and affect the taste of the espresso ⇒ Place a cup on a digital scale and place them both underneath the portafilter ↳ Make sure to tare the scale at this point ⇒ Start the brewing process and start a timer at the same time ↳ We're looking to have an espresso yield of 45g and a total extraction time of 30s ↳ We are using a higher than usual coffee to water ratio here. This will bring a lively acidity and fruitiness to your espresso, while avoiding astringency or bitterness. ⇒ Enjoy your espresso! Cleaning ⇒ Remove the portafilter from the grouphead and knock out the puck ⇒ Wipe the basket clean ⇒ Purge the grouphead with hot water for 3 seconds ⇒ You're now ready to start brewing espresso again Source: trafficcoffee.com