Pour over


Ground coffee
20 g
Water temperature
93 °C
Grind size
Medium fine
Brew time
2 mins 55 secs
Amount of water
250 mL



What you’ll need: Kalita Wave dripper, Kalita 185 filter, Kettle, Carafe, Mug, Digital Scale, Timer This recipe was taken from Umeko Motoyoshi's Instagram account & is her solution for getting better results out of very lightly roasted coffees such as this honey processed Costa Rican from Traffic. Umeko also suggests aging your coffee before brewing. She thinks super light coffees taste best at least 3 weeks off roast. Preparation ⇒ Boil water in your kettle ↳ If you have control over the water temperature, Umeko recommends 93°C for better sweetness and 85°C for better brightness ↳ Otherwise, bring water close to boiling point and let the kettle sit for 30 secconds to 1 minute for optimal results ⇒ Place a filter inside the brewer and rince it with hot water ↳ This step avoids adding a papery taste to your brew ⇒ Weigh and grind 20g of coffee ↳ You're looking for a medium grind setting, so that would be slightly coarser than your regular pour over grind setting ⇒ Place the ground coffee inside the dripper ↳ Make sure to level the coffee bed for an even extraction Extraction ⇒ Gently saturate the coffee bed with 40ml of water ⇒ Let sit for 2min ↳ This incredibly long bloom period will increase extraction & brings out more sweetness ⇒ At the 2 minute-mark, pour 60ml of water in circles and in a fairly aggressive manner ⇒ Gently add 20-40ml of water at a time until you reach 250ml ↳ Each time you pour, pause until the coffee bed is almost fully drained ⇒ The total brew time should be between 3 and 4 minutes ↳ If your brew took more than 4 minutes, consider grinding coarser next time ⇒ Pour your brew into your favourite mug ⇒ Add 25-75 ml of unboiled water to your cup of coffee, a bit at a time, to your taste ↳ The initial resulting brew is fairly strong and adding normal water will make it taste better ↳ This step is also called adding bypass water ⇒ Enjoy your cup of coffee! Source: instagram.com/umeshiso_/