Ground coffee
13.3 g
Water temperature
93 °C
Grind size
Brew time
2 mins 30 secs
Amount of water
200 mL



What you’ll need: AeroPress, Filter, Kettle, Cup or Carafe, Spoon, Digital Scale, Timer Preparation ⇒ Boil some water to 93°C ↳ If you don't have control over the water temperature, let your kettle sit for 30s - 1min to allow the water to cool down slightly. Otherwise, the boiling water will burn the ground coffee. ⇒ Place the filter inside the cap and rinse it with a little hot water ↳ This step will avoid the papery taste in your cup of coffee ⇒ Weigh and grind 13.3g of coffee ↳ Your grind setting must be coarser than espresso, but slightly finer than coffee maker ⇒ Insert the ground coffee into your AeroPress (in inverted position) and gently shake it to ensure the coffee bed is flat ⇒ Place your AeroPress on your digital scale and tare it to finish the preparation stage Extraction ⇒ Start a timer ⇒ Pour 30ml of water to bloom the coffee bed ↳ This step will allow the coffee to degas (small bubbles will form on the coffee bed) ⇒ At 15s, gently stir the brew with a spoon ⇒ At 30s, add water up to 200ml ⇒ Gently stir the brew a second time ⇒ At 1min, place the cap on your AeroPress ⇒ Still in inverted position, remove the surplus air from your AeroPress ↳ Hold the "body" (or middle part) of the AeroPress and gently push it down until the air stops whistling ↳ If you see water piercing through the filter, that's also a sign to stop ↳ This step should take around 30s ⇒ At 1min 30s, turn your AeroPress over and place it onto your cup or carafe ⇒ Begin the extraction by pressing down on the piston ↳ The extraction should take about 1min for a total brew time of 2min 30s ⇒ You're ready to enjoy your coffee! Source: