Cerrado Mineiro



Ground coffee
18 g
Water temperature
96 °C
Grind size
Brew time
30 secs
Amount of water
45 mL



What you’ll need: Espresso Machine, Portafilter, Tamper, Dry Cloth, Cup, Digital Scale, Timer STEP 1 ⇒ Use a clean, dry cloth to thoroughly wipe the portafilter so it is free of any coffee grounds and residual oils. STEP 2 ⇒ Weigh the coffee. STEP 3 ⇒ You’ll want to use a grind setting that will have the espresso pulling for 25-30 seconds. If it’s pulling faster than that, grind finer. If it’s pulling slower, grind coarser. STEP 4 ⇒ Place the coffee into the portafilter. ⇒ Make an even bed of coffee. Don’t leave any gaps or mounds. STEP 5 ⇒ Grasp the tamper and press firmly down on the coffee in the portafilter. ⇒ Use enough pressure to compact the coffee grounds into a puck. STEP 6 ⇒ Gently insert the portafilter and ensure it is seated tightly in the grouphead. ⇒ If the portafilter is inserted to roughly, cracks will form in your espresso puck and cause an uneven extraction. ⇒ Start your timer at the same time that you start the espresso. ⇒ The shot should take between 25-30 seconds. STEP 7 ⇒ Once you’ve pulled your espresso, remove the portafilter from the grouphead, and knock out the spent puck from the portafilter basket into the trash or a knockbox. ⇒ Clean the portafilter with hot water and dry it with your cloth. Source: intelligentsia.com