Danilo Pozuelos

Single origin
Danilo Pozuelos Loy is a member of the Mataquescuintla group consisting of mostly smallholder coffee producers, small scale fruit & vegetable farmers, some shop owners and community members who neighbour the (Vancouver based) Pan American Silver Escobal mine in San Rafael las Floras.

60 years ago in the village the Carrizal Danilo's great grandfather Iginio Cruz begins to plant coffee. The plantations have since been passed down to his grandmother Estela Cruz, then his mother Floriselda Loy and then 20 years later Danilo inherits the land and dedicates himself to plant coffee of the Pache San Ramón variety at an altitude of 1800msl.

Apart from the coffee industry Danilo also has the job of resisting the transnational corporation that has come to impose itself in the San Rafael mining region. Like many of the municipalities surrounding Escobal they have overwhelmingly rejected the presence of the mine, operating without their consent and have actively pressured the local, federal and international community to recognize their rights to clean water, food security and land tenure. Their resistance led to the temporary closure of the mine while the government considers the necessary consultation process ensured by ILO C169, but there remains no requisite definition as to what constitutes proper “consultation”. Consultation, does not mean consent.

Roasted by

No6 Coffee Co.
From Nelson

Tastes like

dried apple
maple syrup


Pache San Ramon
1800 m
Danilo Pozuelos Loy
Danilo de Jesús Pozuelos Loy