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Funky, Fruity & Balanced
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Every morning you will discover a new coffee from one of Canada’s best roasters. Our Advent box includes 25 bags of coffee beans from 25 artisans roasters! ✦ Whole bean ONLY. ✦ Shipping starts November 1st, 2023. ✦ Free tote (value of 30$) with larger box, 25 days x 50g.

About The Coffees

This selection is distinctive with a nice balance of fruity and sweet notes overall. These coffees definitively express more the taste of the coffee itself, some are even surprising and unconventional.

This selection is intended to be brewed by filter or any other manual brewing method (Aeropress, Chemex, and others). It is possible to extract these coffees in espresso, however, it is best to have advanced knowledge of espresso extraction and the proper equipment otherwise the coffee could taste sour.
Coffee Profile

Funky, Fruity & Balanced

Roasting Level


Brew Method

Filter, Aeropress, Espresso


About the Th3rdwave Advent Calendar 2023

What is a coffee advent calendar?

A coffee advent calendar is a variation of the traditional advent calendar that is specifically designed for coffee enthusiasts. Instead of containing chocolates, toys, or other surprises, a coffee advent calendar features a curated selection of coffees for each day leading up to December 25th. It's a way for coffee enthusiasts to enjoy the pleasures of brewing and discovering a new single origin coffee or a unique blend each day!

What makes Th3rdwave coffee advent calendars so unique?

Our advent calendars offer 25, not 24, days of coffee from 25 different roasters. We offer a unique way to enjoy, discover and support local coffee artisans during the holiday season!

When is the advent calendar shipping?

All orders will start shipping November 1st. After November 1st, orders will be shipped as soon as possible to ensure that advent calendars are received before December 1st. Keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that your order will be received before December 1st, but we will do our best to make it happen.

All orders with delivery addresses in Montreal will be delivered by Th3rdwave.

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping is free all across Canada.

Where do you ship?

We ship to Canada mainly. If you’d like to ship outside of Canada, please contact us.

Can I purchase the advent calendar as a gift?

Yes! You can purchase and send our advent calendars to anyone living in Canada.

If you would like to avoid revealing the contents, you can choose the purchase as a gift option at checkout. This way, we will fulfill your order with a plain box.

What is the quality of coffee?

We have selected specialty coffees exclusively from artisan coffee roasters we know and trust. We have assessed the quality of the coffee and roasting of every roaster featured in our advent calendar.

All our partner roasters work in tandem with reputable coffee importers or directly with independent coffee producers to source high quality coffee. Our partner roasters truly care about every single coffee they roast, this is why we love them!

How do I know if I will like the coffees?

That is what we do at Th3rdwave!

We offer a coffee subscription. Every month, we put together curated coffee boxes based on our members' tastes.

We curate coffees based on several attributes like origin, variety, process, and roasting style with the objective of offering delightful coffees with similar profiles to our members.

For this year’s Advent, you have the option to choose from 2 different coffee profiles:

Advent 2023 ✦ Quebec EditionAdvent 2023 ✦ Canada EditionIf you don’t know which coffee profile is the right one for you,
contact us
will help you!

Do all calendars have the same coffee line-up?

There are 4 different advent calendar lineups with 2 characteristics that differentiate them.

First, there is the region to be explored, meaning “Where are the featured roasters coming from?”. There 2 options:
  • Roasters from all Canada
  • Roasters from the province of Quebec
Second, there is the coffee profile, meaning “What will my coffees taste like?”. There are a 2 options:
  • Fruity, Funky and Balanced
  • Chocolaty, Rich and Roasty
PS: These tasting notes are NOT added flavours!

Do you offer different sizes?

You can choose form 2 different formats:
  • 25 bags with 20g each, for a total of 500g of coffee
  • 25 bags with 50g each, for a total of 1,250g of coffee

When will the coffee be roasted?

Coffees will be roasted a few days before shipping on November 1st. A second batch of roasted coffee will be received early November to fulfill all incoming orders during the month to ensure coffee is brewed at its peak flavor.

Who is roasting the coffee?

Every featured coffee roaster in our advent calendar will be roasting their own coffee at their respective roastery. We will be receiving the coffee in bulk at our facility.

How is the coffee roasted? Light or dark roasted?

Every artisan roaster has a different roasting style. Some roasters will only roast light, others may have a medium-to-dark roasting style. Some even do both depending on the coffee being roasted. For this reason, we carefully put together our coffee lineups to make sure we offer you a delightful variety of coffees within a constant roasting style, whether light, medium or dark.

How many coffees can I brew per day?

This is a tricky question because it depends on how big your cup of coffee is! But if we use the golden rules, we can estimate the quantity it will yield.

For the 25 days x 20g
  • For espresso, you will be able to pull one double shot of espresso per daily bag.
  • For filter, you will be able to brew about 300 ml of coffee per daily bag. This includes all manual brewing methods.
For the 25 days x 50g
  • For espresso, you will be able to pull 3-4 shots of espresso per daily bag. This will depend if you pull single or double shots of espresso.
  • For filter, you will be able to brew about 850 ml of coffee per daily bag. This includes all manual brewing methods.

Which brewing method should I use?

This is the beauty of it! Great coffee can be brewed any way you like. However depending on the texture and the desired beverage, the method will vary. Espresso will be more suitable for all beverages with milk and filter coffee will be better if you are looking to sip a clean cup of coffee.

Can I get my coffee ground?

Unfortunately, we do not offer the option to grind your coffee like we do in our coffee subscription. There are too many logistical limitations behind our advent calendar. Trust us, it is quite a challenge to source 25 coffees from 25 different roasters in a very short time for all our beloved customers!
Advent Box ✦ Canada Edition
25 days x 20g | Fruity-Funky
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