Advent Box ✦ Canada Edition

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Funky, Fruity & Balanced
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Every morning you will discover a new coffee from one of Canada’s best roasters. Our Advent box includes 25 bags of coffee beans from 25 artisans roasters! ✦ Whole bean ONLY. ✦ Shipping starts November 1st, 2023. ✦ Free tote (value of 30$) with larger box, 25 days x 50g.

About The Coffees

This selection is distinctive with a nice balance of fruity and sweet notes overall. These coffees definitively express more the taste of the coffee itself, some are even surprising and unconventional.

This selection is intended to be brewed by filter or any other manual brewing method (Aeropress, Chemex, and others). It is possible to extract these coffees in espresso, however, it is best to have advanced knowledge of espresso extraction and the proper equipment otherwise the coffee could taste sour.
Coffee Profile

Funky, Fruity & Balanced

Roasting Level


Brew Method

Filter, Aeropress, Espresso


About the Th3rdwave Advent Calendar 2023
Advent Box ✦ Canada Edition
25 days x 20g | Fruity-Funky