Pour over


Ground coffee
20 g
Water temperature
94 °C
Grind size
Medium fine
Brew time
3 mins
Amount of water
320 mL



What you’ll need: V60-02 Dripper, 02 compatible Hario filters, Kettle, Carafe or Mug, Digital Scale, Timer Preparation ⇒ Fill your kettle with water and bring to a boil ↳ A temperature of 94°C is suggested ↳ If you don't have control over the water temperature, let your kettle sit for 30s - 1min to allow the water to cool down slightly. Otherwise, the boiling water will burn the ground coffee. ⇒ Place a paper filter in the brewer and rinse it with boiling water ↳ Once the filter has been rinsed, set your kettle to boil once more and let stand 30s when finished ⇒ Weigh and grind 20g of coffee ⇒ Place the ground coffee in the brewer and shake it gently so that the coffee bed is flat ↳ This ensures an even extraction ⇒ Place the brewer of your carafe or mug and set them both on your scale ↳ Make sure to tare the scale Extraction ⇒ Start a timer ⇒ Pour 60ml of water in 30 seconds to bloom the coffee bed ⇒ Holding the brewer with both hands, swirl it for 15 seconds ↳ This step allows to saturate the ground coffee and optimizes the extraction ↳ It is important not to swirl too aggressively ⇒ At 45 seconds, gently pour 90ml of water in a circular motion ↳ Wait 10s ⇒ Pour 85ml of water, still in a circular motion ↳ Wait 5s ⇒ Pour another 85ml of water in a circular motion ↳ The scale should now show a total weight of 320g ⇒ Let the slurry drain completely ↳ The total brew time should be between 2min 50s and 3min 10s ↳ If your brew took more than 3min 10s, grind your coffee coarser next time. Conversely, if your extraction took less than 2min 50s, grind finer. ⇒ Swirl the brewed coffee in your carafe and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee Source: Th3rdwave