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How we curate our list

Independently owned
First, we select independently and locally owned cafés because we believe they genuinely care about theirs customers, other local merchants and their community.
Coffee served
Second, we value cafés that promote and serve specialty coffee because these roasters care about quality, transparency and the people behind the coffee.
Café experience
Third, we genuinely respect #th3rdwave cafés because they strive at making coffee culture progress within their communities.
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What’s on the menu

Each café will be offering you at least 3 types of beverages

Pay with your credits

Credits are a coffee currency used and trusted by the network of Th3rdwave cafes. It’s just like money but not really.

1 credit = 1 coffee

The Passports

We’ve got 2 types of passports
> You can fill your passport with as many credits as you want
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> You get 3 credits every month
> You get a free credit for your birthday
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It’s about exploring, not exploiting.

You will have the privilege of enjoying almost half price beverages. The reason is that we want you to explore new cafés every now and then.
If you happen to fall in love with any of the cafés you visit, then proudly support your local café. After all, the Th3rdwave passport has been created to connect coffee lovers and local cafés.

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