El Origen - Washed

Single origin
After traveling all over Central and South America, Helmut Ullrich left his home in Austria to follow his dream: to live sustainably in nature. He bought a plot of land in Colombia and soon discovered that it contained coffee plants left untended. With the help of Pedro, whose family had been living on the land for years, Helmut began to cultivate coffee. Now 6 years later, Pedro is the farm’s manager, and Helmut employs three other core employees (Mono, Vincente, and Julio) as well as seasonal workers from the region, and neighbouring Venezuela. All of his employees, he boosts, are paid as much as three times the national average. And with the profits from his partnership with Kittel and a few European roasters, as well as the profits from his cafe in the town of Santa Marta, Helmut lives the other part of his dream: he plants native trees to combat climate change. After meeting Helmut and hearing the story, we knew we wanted to work together, and when we tasted the great quality coffee his farm produces we formally began our Direct Trade partnership.

This is one of two microlots we purchased from Finca El Origen: a washed process caturra with notes of nougat, pear, and red grape, with a velvety smooth finish.

Roasted by

Kittel Atelier de café
From Montreal

Tastes like

red grape


Minca, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
900 - 1200 m
Finca El Origen
Helmut Ullrich
Made with ❤ in Montréal