Brazil Café da Lalá

Single origin
In February of this year I travelled to Brazil. I was invited to participate in an auction put on by Felipe Croce and the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association for late harvest coffees from the Caparaó region. This region is not well know for specialty coffee. The point of the auction was to change this perception.

22 roasters from around the world were invited to compete for 22 small lots. The roasters came from Canada, Russia, Japan, Germany, Korea, France, USA, China and Australia to name a few. Every single roaster agreed to buy 1, and only 1, lot from the auction.

We spent a week traveling in Brazil, meeting farmers and learning about the Caparaó region. We then spent 2 days cupping all of the coffees and choosing the lot we liked best. Finally, the morning before leaving, we participated in an auction for the coffees.

All of the farmers were present at the auction and we were able to meet them face to face and make a solid connection. Plus all of the proceed from the auction were going directly to the farmer. Not one cent was lost to an agent along the way. This is HUGE.

The lot I bought is from Sítio Café Da Lalá. They are a part of a women’s cooperative in Alto Jequitibá. Luana Augusto Sodré de Paula runs the farm with her mother Lalá Sodre.

I had the pleasure of meeting Luana on a trip to Brazil in 2016, the first year she took over the day to day operations on the farm. I saw huge potential in Luana and her farm. When I tasted her coffee at the auction this year I was blown away!

Luana has spent the last couple years upgrading the farm. From raised beds and a greenhouse to dry the coffee, to a sewer system for waste water to ensure she is taking care of the environment in which she lives and works.

Not only did Luana’s coffee fetch the second highest bid at auction of $53/lb USD, she also WON the water competition comparing cleanliness of the local spring water after it had passed through the farms!

Luana is caring, dedicated and hard working and I am honoured to be able to share her outstanding coffee.

This is my first direct trade coffee, the first natural process coffee on offer at STCBD and it is super juicy!! This coffee is a fruit bomb with notes of Strawberry, Watermelon and Raspberry. This is one of the cleanest naturals I have ever tasted.

I shared this lot with Olga, a friend of mine from Russia who owns Smart Coffee and who also knows Luana. The lots on offer at auction were very small and my share was only 7.5kg.

Needless to say quantity is limited.

If you like naturals then jump on it!!

Roasted by

Seth Taylor
From Oakville

Tastes like



Red Catuai
1300 m
Sítio Café Da Lalá
Luana Augusto Sodré de Paula
Made with ❤ in Montréal